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Fall leaves, street trees (living urban environment).This page displays a collection of environmental and sustainability online videos on the living urban environment. Community and urban landscaping, even in the densest urban spaces, has the potential to support a diversity of plants and wildlife. Designing urban spaces to include trees, plants, flowers, and grasses can add beauty while simultaneously improving air quality, absorbing carbon dioxide, and lowering ambient air temperature. Landscaping also reduces paved surface area, and as a result it aids ground water retention and improves water quality. From simple street trees to intricate urban parks, sustainable landscaping can improve the quality of life for people who live, work, and play in urban areas.

The living urban environment consists of a diverse range of places including public parks, paths and trails, arboretums, public gardens, open spaces, urban riparian corridors, easements, and roadsides. Some specific environmental topics within urban landscaping include xeriscaping and other water conservation measures, use of native plants, low or no chemical landscaping, and integrated pest management.

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"" Intro to Urban Forestry - Science, Technology & Real Life Experience. Why do we need our urban forests and green infrastructure, and why should we care? University of Maryland students share their experiences. About 8 minutes. Play Video >>

"" Sustainable Urban Ecosystems: Management. Forestry experts Dr. Bruce Bare, Sarah Reichard, Mark Mead, Stacy Ray, and John Floberg discuss the sustainable management of Seattle's parks and urban forest systems in the Puget Sound area, including restoring these forests through the Green Seattle Partnership. About 58 minutes. Play Video >>

"" The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill Trailer. The trailer for a documentary (purchase the full documentary DVD here) that focuses on Mark Bittner and a flock of cherry-headed conures (and a lonely blue-headed one named Connor) located in the Telegraph Hill neighborhood of San Francisco. This is a truly fascinating tale about urban wildlife. About 4 minutes. Play Video >>

"" Urban Forestry and Arboriculture Workshop. An urban forestry and arboriculture workshop given by Dr. Kim Coder in Albany, GA on growing trees in urban environments, urban soils, pruning, pathology, and entomology. About 2 hours 30 minutes. Play Video >>

"" Urban Forestry - Making Trees Work for Your Community. A video produced by Alabama Power on the importance of taking care of older trees in an urban setting, especially near power lines. About 14 minutes. Play Video >>

"" Put Your Urban Forest in the Spotlight. See how cities big and small are leveraging GIS and remote sensing technologies for urban tree canopy goal setting. Better understand the tools available to place your urban forest in the decision-maker's spotlight. Find out how imaging helps create partnerships and identify funding sources. About 4 minutes. Play Video >>

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