Forestry & Forest Ecosystems

Logging truck (forestry and forest ecosystems)..This page displays a collection of environmental and sustainability online videos on forestry and forest ecosystems. Wood is used in a huge range of products, from building materials to paper napkins. Forests are threatened by agricultural encroachment, urban sprawl, and unsustainable logging practices. This in turn impacts our water supply and reduces the habitat available for many endangered species of plants and animals.

Implementing sustainable forestry practices helps balance human needs with the conservation of natural areas and produces many long term benefits. Forestry topics include sustainable logging, temperate and tropical rainforest protection, green certified lumber and wood, forest habitat threats and ecosystem protection strategies, reforestation, restoration, and tree planting, sustainable paper products, paper and wood recycling, and use of wood as a biofuel.

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"" Sustainable Logging. Sustainable forestry helps strike a balance between the needs of people and the health of our forests. Subjects discussed include clearcutting, forest regeneration, ecosystems, forest management and more. About 3 minutes. Play Video >>

"" Fire & Sustainable Forestry. This is a segment from the documentary "Critical Habitat," made in 1993-94 at the height of the controversy over the Northern Spotted Owl and its role as an indicator species for the health of the temperate old-growth forest ecosystem. The film examines the scientific, economic, and social aspects of the controversy. This segment looks at how fires give us clues about managing a forest sustainably. About 5 minutes. Play Video >>

"" Forest And Water. This video discusses the importance of forest and water resources and their interconnections. Sustainable forestry can help to maintain river flow and water quality. The management of riparian zones is an important part of conserving the forest ecosystem. There is a specific focus on Taiwan. About 26 minutes. Play Video >>

"" Some People Just Don't Get It — Sustainable Forestry. Find out what people in New York know, and don't know, about trees and forests. Then learn the basics of sustainable forestry in this humorous video. About 7 minutes. Play Video >>

"" Chopping Down Trees To Save The Forest. Papua New Guinea's tropical rainforests are under threat. This is the story of an attempt to save the forests by reaching landholders before the logging companies do and offering them a sustainable forestry management plan and low-impact portable sawmills. The result is a small area of forest that is sustainably harvested and thousands of hectares that are protected. About 11 minutes. Play Video >>

Conference & Campus Speakers On
Forestry & Forest Ecosystems Here >>


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