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This page of EcoIQTV.com is an index of videos, including presentations, presentation excerpts, panel discussions, documentary and online interviews, TV appearances, and eco-performances, for speakers, performers and authors with last names starting with "B."

Roger Ballentine

Energy And Environmental Issues During The 2004 Presidential Campaign. Online interview with Roger Ballentine. Ballentine was a senior adviser to Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) on energy and environmental issues during the 2004 campaign and is currently president of Green Strategies, Inc. He looks back at Kerry's successes and failures during the presidential race. About 13 minutes. Play Video >> More about Roger Ballentine >>

Recycled Energy: Green & Underused. TV feature story with Roger Ballentine. Discusses how inefficient industrial plants can use the energy normally wasted through their smokestacks as a source of new clean energy. About 3 minutes. Play Video >> More about Roger Ballentine >>

Angela Belcher

Are Viruses the Way to Green Manufacturing? Online presentation by Angela Belcher. Her work has already led to efficient solar cells and powerful batteries (that she hopes one day will be good enough to run her car), and a possibly cheaper, greener way of producing plastics. About 3 minutes. Play Video >>

David Bergman

An Eco-Kitchen Remodel. Online interview with David Bergman. Shows how sustainable woods, recycled materials, and energy efficient appliances where used in the eco-friendly remodel of a Manhattan apartment kitchen. About 5 minutes. Play Video >> More about David Bergman >>

Susan Sokol Blosser

Green & Sustainable Winemaking. Documentary interview with Susan Sokol Blosser. Talks about how innovative practices have transformed the Sokol Blosser Winery into a model of sustainability in all aspects of winery operations. About 2 minutes. Play Video >> More about Susan Sokol Blosser >>

David Blume

Alcohol Can Be a Gas - Part 1. Online interview with David Blume. Talks about the history of alcohol as a fuel, the differences between alcohol, gasoline and biodiesel, and how many current uses of petroleum can be converted to alcohol. About 57 minutes. Play Video - Part 1, 2. More about David Blume >>

Wendy Brawer

Expressing Sustainability, Map By Map. Presentation excerpt by Wendy Brawer. Using the community as the classroom and drawing out youth perspectives on their home place, Green Mapping has had amazing impacts including transforming a young person's view of what they can do as a “citizen designer.” About 12 minutes. Play Video >> More about Wendy Brawer >>

Lester Brown

Our Challenge To Save Civilization. Presentation excerpt by Lester Brown. Likening climate change to a business failure, Brown explains how environamental policy can be developed. About 7 minutes. Play Video >>

The Man With the Eco Plan. Online interview with Lester Brown. About 45 minutes. Waylon Lewis interviews Lester Brown about the need to quickly implement changes in society to save civilization. Play Video >>

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