Climate Change & Global Warming

Climate Change & Global WarmingOnline videos of interviews and presentations included in this section focus on climate change and global warming. They cover the impacts of climate change on human health, quality of life, the economy, and geopolitics. Topics include the evidence of global warming, employment and economic opportunities that stem from transitioning to a low carbon economy, carbon taxes, and cap and trade systems.

Specific topics include the science of climate change, carbon-free energy sources, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the effects of climate change on biodiversity, habitat loss, extinctions, melting glaciers, extreme weather, rainfall and snowfall patterns, ocean currents, natural fire patterns, and the food supply. This section also includes videos that discuss dying coral reefs, coral bleaching, forest loss, sea level rise, droughts, spreading deserts, water shortages, and energy supply interruptions.

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The Black Guillemots Of Cooper Island. TV Documentary including George Divoky. This television documentary covers Divoky’s thirty plus years of bird research on the Black Guillemots of Cooper Island in northern Alaska. This research illustrates the significant impact that climate change is having on arctic wildlife. About 28 minutes. Play Video >> More about George Divoky >>

The Economic Opportunities of Climate Change. Michael Eckhart, Van Jones and Theodore Roosevelt IV take part in a panel on the economic opportunities of climate change. Discussion focuses on the transition to a green economy, who will be the winners and losers, and how the transition to cleaner technologies can best be achieved. About 64 minutes. Play Video >>

The Emerging Market To Protect The Sky. Presentation excerpt by Michel Gelobter. Discusses the importance of designing products with a smaller carbon footprint instead of producing carbon intensive products that require an offset, and even then the offset doesn't really solve the problem. About 3 minutes. Play Video >> More about Michel Gelobter >>

How To Solve Global Warming. Presentation excerpt by Reese Halter. Talks about the accelerating threat of global warming and its effect on water supplies, agriculture, and energy production, the importance of taking action now, and the business and job opportunities that can be generated as we re-tool for a greener planet. About 6 minutes. Play Video >> | Play QuickTime >> More about Reese Halter >>

Global Warming for Aspen Environmental Forum. Online interview with Lester Brown. Brown discusses Plan B 3.0 and the factors that shaped the book. About 6 minutes. Play Video >>

Global Climate Summit: Opening. Presentation excerpt by Terry Tamminen. Tamminen talks about the first day of the summit, the signing of an agreement to preserve global forests, the progress made in forging other climate solutions, and the hard work of those responsible for making the summit successful. About 4 minutes. Play Video >> More about Terry Tamminen >>

National Teach-In On Global Warming Solutions. Online presentation by Eban Goodstein. A call to action for young people to get involved in global climate issues through National Teach-In. About 2 minutes. Play Video >> More about Eban Goodstein >>

Greening Buffalo. Presentation by Denis Hayes. Talks about the science of climate change, and gives a summary of current legal and legislalive efforts to address it. About 30 minutes. Play Video - Part 1, 2. More about Denis Hayes >>

The Bird-Watcher Who Saw the Future. Presentation by George Divoky. Follows Divoky on his ongoing research focusing on the Guillemots of Cooper Island. He explains how climate change is affecting this boundary zone between the artic and the sub-artic. About 10 minutes. Play Video >> More about George Divoky >>

Fears For The Arctic Interview. Online interview with George Divoky. Divoky talks about the effects of climate change that he has experienced in the Artic during his 30 plus years of doing research there. About 3 minutes. Play Video >> More about George Divoky >>

"" Al Gore Green Energy by 2018 Speech. Al Gore's speech calling for the U.S. "to commit to producing 100% of our electricity from renewable energy and truly clean carbon-free sources within 10 years." Gore said this strategic initiative is important to help solve the climate crisis, boost the economy, and end reliance on foreign oil. About 27 minutes. Play Video >>

"" Global Warming And Environmentalism - Part 1. Online interview with Jim Motavalli. Motavalli, editor of E Magazine, discusses global warming initiatives, the concept of environmentalism, environmental trends, and environmental education. About 11 minutes. Play Video - Part 1, 2, 3. More about Jim Motavalli >>

"" The Climate Crisis And Poverty. Former Vice President Al Gore and musician and activist Bono discuss the interconnections between climate change and poverty during a World Economic Forum discussion in Davos, Switzerland. About 64 minutes. Play Video >>

"" Bali Climate Change Conference Coverage. Global Pulse examines how various news channels worldwide covered the United Nations sponsored climate change conference in Bali, Indonesia. The conference was held ten years after the Kyoto Protocol agreement and plans for stricter CO2 caps were discussed. About 5 minutes. Play Video >>

"" Al Gore Gives Climate Crisis Update. In March 2008 at the annual TED Conference, Al Gore gives the premiere of a short slideshow presentation with new evidence on the rapid pace of climate change. He calls for immediate global action to "mobilize resources and political will" to combat the climate crisis. About 28 minutes. Play Video >>

"" Al Gore Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech. Former Vice President Al Gore and the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. This video is of Al Gore's acceptance speech in Oslo, Norway. About 22 minutes. Play Video >>

"" Global Warming Interview. Al Gore discusses global warming in an exclusive interview with Johnathan Freedland at The Guardian Hay Festival on May 2006. Gore starts speaking approximately 7 minutes into the video. About 45 minutes. Play Video >>

"" Big Fun With Global Warming. This educational cartoon features a man who thinks global warming isn't for real. The short animation won an Emmy Award for best National Public Service Announcements in the Broadband category. About 1 minute. Play Video >>

"" Global Warming And Africa - Part 1. This video shows how global warming is already straining the lives of people in West African countries, in particular in Benin, Mali, and Nigeria. About 9 minutes. Play Video >>

"" Troubled Rainforests. A vicious cycle is emerging in which destruction of the rainforests accelerates climate change, and climate change in turn diminishes the vitality of the forests. About 5 minutes. Play Video >>

"" Most Terrifying Video You'll Ever See. This video provides a rational argument for acting to prevent global climate change. It argues that the potential for catastrophic consequences from inaction are just too grave to ignore. About 10 minutes. Play Video >>

"" Global Warming, Up Close and Local. Dr. Richard B. Primack, a professor of conservation biology at Boston University, talks about his global warming research involving observations of local ecosystems by volunteers in the northeastern United States. About 69 minute. Play Video >>

"" Stormy Weather. Futurist and sustainable communities consultant Guy Dauncey discusses his book, Stormy Weather: 101 Solutions To Global Climate Change. He talks about the climate crisis that we face and the elements of conservation, efficiency, proven technologies, and emerging innovations that will take us through this critical planetary energy transition. About 28 minutes. Play Video >>

"" Economic Components Of Climate Change - Part 1. In part one, Richard Douthwaite discusses economic components of climate change including our dependence on continuous economic growth and the declining availability of oil. In part two, he proposes that an economic system with tighter controls of the money supply could provide more stability. About 13 minutes. Play Video - Part 1, 2.

"" Hope And Profit In Greentech. John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers discusses how he and his partners scoured the globe to assess the state of greentech in order to help combat climate change and find profit in the process. However, Doerr explains that we are facing an uphill battle and that companies and individuals need to multiply their conservation efforts. About 19 minutes. Play Video >>

"" Political Negotiation Weaknesses During Kyoto. Nicholas Dunlop talks about how the weaknesses of our political negotiation system played out during the Kyoto Treaty process. Under current agreements, global CO2 emissions will probably increase instead of moving toward the dramatic reductions necessary to stop climate change. About 3 minutes. Play Video >>

"" California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard. Alex Farrell, director of the U.C. Berkeley Transportation Sustainability Research Center, discusses California's low carbon fuel standard (LCFS) plan and possible nationwide implementation using it as a model. About 10 minutes. Play Video >>

"" Proactive Localism. Interview with Bill McKibben discussing why he believes it is in our best interests to move proactively toward stronger, more self-sufficient local communities now. About 3 minutes. Play Video >>

"" The Kyoto Protocol. Interview segment with Bill McKibben talking about the Kyoto Protocol. He briefly assesses the future of this first-step treaty. The challenge now is to bring the United States on board and to engage the emerging industrial giants. About 1 minute. Play Video >>

"" Uncertainties In Climate Forecasts: Causes, Magnitudes And Policy Implications. A talk by Stanford University biological sciences professor Dr. Stephen H. Schneider. About 86 minute. Play Video >>

"" Climate, Physics And Weather. Caltech scientist Tapio Schneider talks about how climate changes can be understood by using general principles of climate physics. He also discusses how atmospheric circulation and storm intensity relate to climate change. About 58 minute. Play Video >>

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